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Purchasing a quality air conditioning product that gives you value for money is not always an easy task. However, it can be achieved by choosing a company that demonstrates professional service, industry expertise and high quality products. Whether it’s cooling towers or ducted air conditioning you require, Dew Point Air Conditioning is a qualified industrial air conditioning and commercial air conditioning provider. We are equally equipped to undertake domestic projects such as installation and maintenance of units for residential developments, apartment blocks, estates and hotels.   


Dew Point offers highly recognised products and reliable service, which simplifies your search for a top of the range offering. We offer a comprehensive product range of high-end brands for industrial and commercial air conditioning. Products include towers, chillers, condensors, ducted equipment, split units and much more, conveniently available. Proper installation, maintenance and repair are paramount for service excellence. With Dew Point you can expect unrivalled workmanship and aftercare.

Dew Point is also a company that prides itself on efficient and friendly service. Our team of skilled technicians are learned, experienced and thoroughly trained. We remain at the forefront of our industry as we operate closely with the major manufacturers. This is key to any industrial air conditioning provider and any commercial air conditioning specialist that expects to deliver consistently high standards. Professional assistance, technical guidance and an expert solution that works effectively and efficiently is essential to stand out in this industry. 

The importance of establishing and building excellent customer relationships is a top priority for Dew Point. We strive to instil this ideal in our interaction with all our customers, both new and old. We seek to surpass our own standards by going beyond being another ordinary industrial and commercial air conditioning supplier. We are versatile, adaptable and trustworthy in our approach, offering lasting value to you and your business. You can rest easy with the best products and guaranteed immediate and ongoing support.


Whether you are looking for a centralised commercial air conditioning system for a shopping mall or retail centre or an industrial air conditioning system for your manufacturing plant, you need a veteran. We always maintain a strict code of professionalism and efficiency, assuring you of technical expertise and great service. Dew Point is proudly registered with The South African Institute of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning (SAIRAC). We have garnered approximately 20 years of experience when it comes to commercial air conditioning products as well as specialised industrial air conditioning solutions.


The Dew Point founder, Craig Smith, is a proven expert in the air conditioning trade. His knowledge and specialisation extends into the technology of indoor environmental comfort by means of servicing, repair and installation of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment.
With Dew Point Air Conditioning you have complete peace of mind, knowing that your large scale project is in the capable hands of a commercial and industrial air conditioning authority. Contact us for all-round expertise and quality industrial, commercial and domestic solutions.



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