The unit has the capability to clean/filter the space of 200 square meters We have 2 models at present to serve the commercial sector. The basic entry level unit has a primary filter designed to catch larger  dust and airborne particles .(Carpet and clothing fibres) Then a HEPA filter which is designed to catch the bacteria and virus that may be present in the occupied space . The system cleans and recirculates the air in occupied spaces .

The second model does the same as the basic model but with an added germicidal lamp that kills bacteria and viruses . This unit will be more suited to where there are known cases of infection. Operating modes are as simple as plugging unit in to a wall socket and simply switching on at the units power switch .

We also offer a more sophisticated controller that has a time schedule, alarm for blocked filters it has a LAN port where the unit can be monitored remotely,  a safety latch should a panel door be opened turning the unit off preventing accidents .

The HEPA filter is a tried and tested component that all hospitals use for the prevention of circulating bacteria and viruses The germicidal lamp is also a proven component to kill most bacteria and viruses as they pass through the illuminated area. The unit is fitted with caster wheels for ease of relocating to different parts of the building .

Maintenance is very straight forward but care must be taken when removing the filters therefore we recommend trained personal to do the servicing.