Summer may have ended and the chill of winter is setting in but that doesn’t mean you need to turn off your air conditioner until summer rolls back around! Air conditioners are 3 times more efficient than heaters. Below are some the great benefits of using your air conditioner as a heater:

  • Heater can overload the electric circuits, especially in older house – this can cause fires. Clothing too close to a heater can cause terrible fires due to the high radiant heat.
  • Your air conditioner is controlled with a thermostat so there will be no overheating and no electricity wastage.
  • The air is distributed evenly around the room which means no cold spots.
  • You can set your air conditioner to turn on just before you wake up so you don’t freeze when you get out of bed.


  • Cooling Towers

  • Liquid Chillers

  • Watercooled Condensors

  • Plate Heat Exchangers


  • Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV)

  • Centralized Plant (DX Systems)

  • Ducted Airconditioning Equipment


  • Split units

  • Casette

  • Midwall

  • Underceiling

  • Mini-ducted


  • Commercial Supermarket

  • Butchery

  • Walk in freezer

  • Cold Room Servicing

  • Installations

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